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Safety on the Job

Staff nurses work hard on the job, but they shouldn't have to risk their health to do so. ANA is always working on ways to keep you and your workplace safe.

  • Safe Patient Handling - Back injuries are always a danger, so ANA mounted a profession-wide effort to reduce them. This campaign includes greater education and training, workplace information on increased use of assistive equipment, and efforts to reshape government ergonomics policies to protect nurses.
  • Safe Needles - Safer needle devices and procedures will keep you safer, and ANA has information on this important program through our Safe Needles Save Lives campaign.

Preventing Workplace Violence - No staff nurse should have to deal with violence in the workplace, whether from staff, patients or visitors. See our information on ways to help your employer prevent this. Replacing Hazardous Products - Hazardous chemicals, toxins, and dangerous waste products may be a part of the workplace, but there are ways to reduce and replace them. ANA's environmental health campaign has collected information and procedures to protect your environment.

  • Preventing Influenza - Influenza no doubt impacts your workplace, but there are ways to learn about it and prevent it. ANA's Influenza Initiative gives you the information you and your patients need.

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