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Three Developmental Phases of Shared Governance in Nursing

Phase 1

  • Staff nurse representatives—members of clinical forums, have authority for designated practice -issues and some authority for de-termining roles, functions, and processes.
  • Managers - members of management forums, responsible for facilitation of practice through -resource management and allocation.
  • Executive committee - administrative and staff membership, often in disproportionate numbers, - accept recommendations from staff nurses and managers.
  • Chief nurse executive - retains final decision-making authority.

Phase 2

  • Staff nurse representatives - members of nursing committees that are designated for specific - management and/or clinical functions.
  • Managers - serve on same committees with staff nurses.
  • Committee chairs - appointed by chief nurse executive.
  • Nursing cabinet - composed of multiple committee chairs that make final decisions on recommendations from the committees.

Phase 3

  • Staff nurse representatives - belong to councils with authority for specific functions.
  • Council chairs - make up management committee charged with making all final operational -decisions.

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