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Principles For Nurse Staffing

Click on the cogs below to read details on each of the five Principles for Nurse Staffing.

Free Resources

Principles for Nurse Staffing

Free eBook: Principles for Nurse Staffing

ANA's Principles for Nurse Staffing, 3rd Edition will guide nurses and other decision-makers in identifying and developing the processes and policies needed to improve nurse staffing at every practice level and in any practice setting.

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Nurse Staffing Infographic

Principles for Nurse Staffing Infographic

View, download and print ANA's Principles for Nurse Staffing infographic to learn about the 5 Principles for Nurse Staffing:

  • Principle #1 Health Care Consumer
  • Principle #2 Interprofessional Teams
  • Principle #3 Workplace Culture
  • Principle #4 Practice Environment
  • Principle #5 Evaluation
Staffing Webinar

Staffing Webinar

ANA’s Principles for Nurse Staffing is a guide to inform nurse-driven solutions to attain appropriate nurse staffing. Watch the free webinar to learn more about how to use the revised principles in day-to-day nursing practice.

Principles for Nurse Staffing

White Paper: The Business of Caring

The Business of Caring: Promoting Optimal Allocation of Nursing Resources offers in-depth guidance for nursing and finance leaders to work together toward shared goals. The authors recommend patient-first, interprofessional collaboration to surmount obstacles and get results.

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